Smart. Green. Done. Creating Change: The Calibrant Way

by Matt Walz, CEO

As we work towards our collective goal of realizing a net-zero world, we are all faced with the challenges arising from regulations, technological advancements, and financing. As the CEO of a company specializing in clean energy transition, I understand that embarking on the decarbonization journey can feel overwhelming. That’s why at Calibrant, we specialize in creating smart, green, and achievable plans that fit the needs of each company so that you never have to navigate your energy transition alone.

Here at Calibrant, we know that you need a plan that is SMART from the start, with know-how about every step and potential obstacle. A plan that is GREEN and in tune with today’s most effective sustainability solutions. And, like all plans, you need one that gets the job DONE; efficiency is key when aiming for net zero, and a strategy that has both short and long term benchmarks is critical.

We are proudly dedicated to this three-pronged approach. Examine any Calibrant project and you’ll find our experts working closely with clients to determine the right clean energy solutions and pathways specific to them. Our team considers everything from utility dynamics to regulatory frameworks, ensuring that your energy solutions align with your goals while complying with legal requirements. And smart doesn’t mean complex; at Calibrant, we pride ourselves on providing a process that is easy to understand, transparent, and financially viable.

We know that going green is not a trend, but a necessity for any organization looking to succeed in the long run. With our comprehensive portfolio—covering renewable generation, battery energy storage, energy efficiency, electric vehicle infrastructure, and business resiliency–Calibrant is equipped to help you master energy transformation at speed and scale.

Our team’s breadth of experience across sustainable services means that we don’t have a one size fits all approach but rather we create a plan that fits the needs of each individual partner.

Your success is our mission at Calibrant. And while success can look different for every organization, it always means getting the job done well.With each client, we take responsibility for implementing and managing your decarbonization and sustainability programs; we finance, design, build, own, and manage the infrastructure as long-term service contracts. This means we are equally invested in reaching your organization’s goals.

Calibrant’s dedication to this approach is apparent in every client relationship we embark on. I’m excited to share that now our three north stars are an integrated part of our brand. I invite you to visit and start your energy transformation journey today. I guarantee you‘ll get a customized plan that is SMART, GREEN, and gets the job DONE.