Simplifying Energy Transformation

Calibrant Energy brings together two innovative leaders to futureproof your energy transition

Unsurpassed Global Capabilities and Experience

Bringing together two of the world’s most respected and innovative companies in energy technology and the energy transition, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Siemens Financial Services.

Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) is one of the world’s largest teams of specialist green infrastructures and developers, dedicated to accelerating the green transition.

Macquarie Group is a global financial services group operating in 31 markets. Macquarie is one of the world’s leading infrastructure managers and investors and developers of green energy.

Siemens is a global technology powerhouse that intelligently connects energy systems, buildings and industries to adapt and evolve the way we live and work.

In the US, Siemens Smart Infrastructure is a Business Unit of Siemens’ US legal entity Siemens Industry, Inc. The financing arm of Siemens – Siemens Financial Services (SFS) provides business-to-business financial solutions.

Global Impact

  • 25+ GW of global renewable energy development pipeline.1 9+ GW operational projects supported2
  • ~$US25b committed and arranged to support green energy projects2
  • 493,000 GWh in renewable energy generation.3 Equivalent to the energy consumption of 5m homes4,5
  • 181,000 kt CO2e greenhouse gas emissions avoidance.3 Equivalent to removing 2.3 million cars from the road4,5

Backed by Macquarie Group:

  • No.1 infrastructure manager globally6
  • No.1 global infrastructure financial adviser and global renewables financial adviser7
  • Environmental products bank of the year8
  • A founding member of the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative
  • A founding commissioner of the Global Commission on Adaptation
Global Impact

  • More than 30 years of experience in sustainable energy, with an installed base of over 25GW globally
  • Provided over $US3b in energy and operational savings
  • Curbed 637 million metric tons of CO2– emissions for customers in FY 2019
  • Over $US120 million invested to reduce the company’s own carbon emissions and to become one of the first CO2-neutral industrial companies by 2030

Siemens credentials:

  • Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies9
  • Global 100 World’s Most Sustainable Corporations10
  • Leading developer of micro-grid controllers / demand response / peak shaving / eMobility.
  • >10,000 inventions and patent applications filed and $US 6.7b invested on R&D11
  • Fast Company World Changing Idea Awards12
  1. Includes projects developed directly by GIG or through operating platforms.
  2. Combining historic activity where UK Green Investment Bank (GIB), Green Investment Group (GIG) or Macquarie Capital have committed their own funds or arranged third-party capital and / or financing.
  3. Forecast lifetime
  4. Combining historic activity where UK Green Investment Bank (GIB), Green Investment Group (GIG) or Macquarie Capital have contributed equity or debt.
  5. For 25 years, calculation based on UK benchmark numbers
  6. Based on AUM. IPE Real Assets Top 75 Infrastructure Investment Managers 2020.
  7. Inspiratia (CY19, by deal count and transaction value).
  8. Energy Risk Awards 2020.
  9. Fortune, 2020
  10. Corporate Knights, 2020
  11. In FY2019
  12. 2019, 2020

Our Solution

Calibrant Energy helps clients realize their unique vision for energy transformation.

We do that through the design and delivery of a fully integrated and managed Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution with no up-front capital investment, operational or performance responsibilities from our customers.

A Track Record of Success and Innovation in Distributed Energy

With deep experience across the latest distributed energy technologies and financing solutions, Calibrant Energy combines the expertise of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, Siemens Smart Infrastructure and Siemens Financial Services in delivering sustainable energy solutions and Energy as a Service projects for over 30 years.

Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Cities, Tribe
  • Location: California, USA
  • Technology: Hybrid
  • Project Scope: 175 kW Fuel cell + biomass, 500 kW REC Solar PV and 1000 kWh BESS
To better serve its community, Native American tribe Blue Lake Rancheria sought to build a microgrid to ensure power resiliency and reliability. Siemens delivered a ‘first of its kind’ low-carbon microgrid project that maximizes renewable energy production and seamlessly transitions between grid-connected and islanded modes. The project integrates renewable photovoltaic and biomass power, battery storage, diesel generation, and controllable demands into an islandable mode to support 700kW estimated system peak load. The microgrid saves the tribe over $200,000 in annual energy costs and cuts about 200 tons of greenhouse gases per year.

Advanced Microgrid Solutions, CIT Bank and Tesla

  • Responsible Partner: Macquarie
  • Vertical: Private Sector
  • Location: California, USA
  • Technology: Battery Storage
  • Project Scope: 62 MW / 342 MWh fleet of behind-the-meter battery storage; $US200 million of project capital to roll-out the portfolio
The rapid growth of renewables coupled with the retirement of aging power plants has created significant stress on California’s electrical grid. To address this, Macquarie’s Green Investment Group, in partnership with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), acquired a 62MW in-development portfolio of distributed battery storage systems from AMS in 2016. Macquarie structured, arranged and established a bankable contractual framework to secure $US200 million of project capital to design and build the fleet using Tesla batteries. The financing, with CIT Bank, was one of the largest project financing deals in the emerging sector, and an industry-first for this asset in the US.

Princeton SRE Solar

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Private Sector
  • Location: New Jersey, USA
  • Technology: Hybrid
  • Project Scope: Siemens DESIGO/Navigator, Siemens MGC, 1000 kWh energy storage system, 836 kW solar PV photovoltaic system, Siemen VersiCharger
Siemens has launched an advanced microgrid research and demonstration environment at its U.S. Corporate Technology headquarters in Princeton, NJ. This living lab validates the latest distributed energy technologies and provides the market with a comprehensive blueprint of how microgrids can be flexibly operated in various locations. The microgrid integrates technologies across the Smart Infrastructure portfolio including photovoltaics integration, battery storage, electrical power infrastructure, building management systems and microgrid management systems, allowing researchers to study each component of the microgrid and the system as a whole. The living lab will also result in a 50% lower CO2 footprint of the Princeton facility.

Hendrick Hudson School District

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: K-12
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Technology: Solar
  • Project Scope: 803 kW of electric power with advanced solar power solutions.
Siemens provided an 803kW solar portfolio located at each of the District’s five schools. The District financed via a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the portfolio becoming one of the first large solar projects deployed at a school district via a PPA in New York state. Siemens secured over $600,000 in state incentives through a competitive reverse auction process. Roof work was done prior to the solar construction and Siemens followed best practice, including a fully ballasted racking system without positive connections. The project also contained a STEM component that the District used to promote sustainability education with students.

Columbia University

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Higher Ed
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Technology: Solar
  • Project Scope: 5.8 MW solar application across two 10-12-acre arrays, land leased from two area farms, serving Columbia University through remote net metering
Groundbreaking project for Columbia University that will supply close to 75% of their Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus with remote generated solar power. Designed by Siemens, this state-of-the-art system will provide LDEO with 5.8MW of solar power, enough to meet 75 percent of the campus’ electrical needs and to trim its energy costs by up to $200,000 annually. Not only does the system reduce Columbia’s carbon footprint, but it also provides a valuable income source to the working farmers of upstate N.Y.

City of Wasco

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Cities
  • Location: California, USA
  • Technology: Solar
  • Project Scope: 1.8MW solar application
A new 6-acre solar field is saving Wasco greater than 60 percent of its energy usage and costs associated with treatment and distribution of wastewater. Utilizing smart engineering, Siemens installed the solar field without penetrating ground at the site, protecting local citizens and wildlife. The site is now home to a series of solar arrays that generate 1.8MW of power. To ensure success, Siemens helped Wasco capitalize on a local utility program that allowed the build up to 5 MW of renewable generation on one site and provides an ongoing credit for excess solar energy produced.

Algonquin College

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Higher Ed
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Technology: Hybrid
  • Project Scope: Water and energy reduction measures, 4MW Cogeneration, Solar PV, Power Storage, EV charging and Siemens Spectrum Power Microgrid Management System
Algonquin College, in the province of Ontario, Canada, has embarked on a journey to become the pioneer in sustainable education. The university is collaborating with technology providers like Siemens to push the boundaries of energy efficiency, signing off on a 20-year, $CA51 million investment. The college is incorporating renewable generation and sustainability courses as part of its core curriculum. Improvements to the campus’s water, heating, and cooling systems are also planned alongside the setup of a research facility that targets the reduction of power consumption. These changes have saved the college $CA3.7 million in annual operating costs.

Isabela Island Hybrid Power, Galápagos

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Federal
  • Location: Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
  • Technology: Hybrid
  • Project Scope: 952-kW solar energy farm with 3,024 PV panels; a 1625 kW biodiesel generation system made up of five 325-kW generation sets, and 660 kW battery storage Element
The Isabela Island Hybrid Power Plant was designed to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by integrating renewable resources to address the energy challenges of Isabela Island. The project began in 2016 with a new, hybrid power plant with Siemens acting as the engineering, procurement, and construction contractor. After only ten months of planning and ten months of construction, the hybrid power plant was officially inaugurated in November 2018. The solution uses biodiesel generation and solar plus storage to supply almost 900 households on the largest Galápagos Island with electricity.

Signature Healthcare

  • Responsible Partner: Siemens
  • Vertical: Healthcare
  • Location: Massachusetts, USA
  • Technology: Heating + cooling with several energy infrastructure upgrades
  • Project Scope: Energy infrastructure upgrades + refinancing

Signature Healthcare benefitted from a single Siemens solution which included: project design, construction, equipment, and financing at its primary hospital campus in Brockton, Massachusetts.

By leveraging the full breadth of Siemens’ technological and financing expertise, Signature Healthcare was able to fund a $9 million infrastructure improvement plan and refinance its existing bonds at a lower rate through an attractive 10-year debt package totaling $50 million. The refinancing provided Signature Healthcare with the ability to implement the upgrades, improve its infrastructure, simplify its debt structure and, ultimately, obtain more financial flexibility.