Scalable Energy Solutions Delivered Seamlessly

What Makes Us Different

With an innovative platform that combines the latest energy technologies and adaptive financing, Calibrant Energy works with organizations to create smart energy solutions.

Our Platform

From standalone solar to fully integrated microgrids we use the latest on-site energy technologies that are supported by innovative and needs-focused financing to deliver a solution that is unique to your needs.

Our Platform

Our Solutions

Flexible energy and financing solutions that can be deployed at scale, supported by two global leaders in energy technology. Providing simple, reliable, high-quality solutions allows our clients to focus on achieving success through their primary operations.

Our Solutions

Our Leadership

The support of two global leaders in energy technology and finance means that Calibrant Energy can be relied upon to deliver with quality, integrity and reliability.

Our Leadership

Our Vision

We are passionate about and dedicated to accelerating the energy transition through the decentralization and decarbonization of energy markets.

Our Vision

Benefits of Our Platform

Calibrant Energy’s platform can provide the following benefits to our customers:

Total lifecycle management of the project with a partner that can assume responsibility of servicing, maintenance, and the operation of assets over the course of the contract lifetime

Access to industry-leading technology

A unique financing and execution model that mitigates financial risk with no up-front capital expenditure

Improved asset and business resilience

The trust and stability of two leading global brands

Decarbonization leadership in the communities they serve and industries they operate in

Our Solution

Calibrant Energy works to develop solutions that transform how businesses and institutions source energy over the long-term

Calibrant Energy has the experience and capabilities to identify and deliver a range of customized solutions with no up-front investment required from the customer that can be tailored to address specific energy, efficiency, and resiliency needs.

These may feature technologies such as:

  • Solar Generation
  • Battery Energy Storage
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Microgrids
  • Centralized Heating and Cooling Infrastructure Upgrades

Limiting Your Risk

Calibrant Energy will plan, design, engineer and build, own and operate the energy production equipment or storage assets. Clients will not take on ownership or operating risk of the energy assets and energy solutions can be delivered with no up-front capital requirements.

Our Process

Calibrant Energy provides end-to-end support across each stage of a project. Our Energy as a Service approach starts with a needs assessment through our site analysis and feasibility testing, then moves on to the formation of a technology plan, the implementation of the project, and finally, long-term operations and maintenance of the assets.

We take ownership or operating risk on the energy assets and our customers benefit from no up-front capital requirements.