Calibrant Energy How EaaS Will Help to Bridge the Clean Energy Gap

May 18, 2023
by Thomas Biddinger

Small and medium sized businesses will play a significant role in driving the clean energy transition. Energy as a Service is the vehicle to make this a reality.

While large enterprises historically led the way in clean energy adoption, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly exploring and investing in clean energy to power their operations.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, there were 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. last year, demonstrating the significant role they can play in driving forward the green energy transition. What these companies do will not only impact their operations and costs, but it will also have ripple effects across the broader economy. Specifically, many SMBs are suppliers to larger corporations facing increasing pressure to report on—and reduce—carbon emissions from their own operations as well as from vendors and suppliers (Scope 3 emissions). While many SMBs are beginning their energy transition, we may see the pace of activity increase if larger corporations begin applying pressure on vendors to make progress on this front.  

Calibrant is proud of our work to help SMBs identify and execute the most cost-effective green energy transition strategies.

Overcoming the cost hurdles to green energy adoption

Many SMBs who have begun to explore options for their energy transition have indicated that costs associated with developing and deploying renewable energy infrastructure (solar panels, wind turbines, or battery energy storage, for example) may be a factor that puts clean energy out of reach for them in the near term. A recent survey by the SME Climate Hub, a UN-backed initiative engaging SMBs in the race to net zero, found that 68% of respondents said a lack of resources prevented them from taking climate action.

However, with the emergence of innovative financing options like Energy as a Service (EaaS) and partners like Calibrant Energy to implement and manage renewable energy projects, clean energy is easier to access than ever before. By outsourcing the ownership, operation, and maintenance of green energy infrastructure to an expert like Calibrant, organizations of all sizes can access clean energy options without having to make large upfront investments or take on the technical challenges associated with developing and managing these systems.

The EaaS model also allows SMBs to access renewable energy sources at a predictable and stable cost. This can be particularly important for SMBs that may not have the same budgets as large, global companies. Clean energy sources can also help these SMBs to reduce their energy costs over time.

The Calibrant benefit for SMBs

Over the long-term, the benefits of a successful energy transition are greater than just the operational and cost efficiencies that businesses realize. SMBs are the lifeblood of our economy and typically have close ties to the communities in which they operate. In this regard, companies have an opportunity to lead by example in helping reduce emissions that impact the quality of life for individuals and families across their region, positioning them as good corporate citizens.

Calibrant is proud of our work to help SMBs identify and execute the most cost-effective green energy transition strategies. By taking on the ownership and operation of the infrastructure and offering flexible financing models, Calibrant enables SMBs to access these technologies, navigate their energy transition journey, and stay focused on their core business operations.

Thomas Biddinger is the Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Calibrant Energy.